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Teams The working Groups of the e-business forum were created with a view to promote and extend the dialogue for the international digital economy, watch and report the progress of electronic business in Greece. The E-business forum studies various e-business fields. For that purpose, 6-month-period Working Groups on these fields are organised by experts coming from the industry and the academia. Sor far more that 600 experts have taken part in a volunteer base and discussed thoroughly problems, solutions and actions to be taken in the near future. Some of the working groups have summarised their discussions and specific suggestions for actions to be taken on the policy level in a kind of deliverable.

Ομάδες O' κύκλου
O1: Interactive Digital Television
O2: Broadband access and e-consulting human resources
O3: New Technologies and Environmental Management & Sustainable Development Systems in Tourism
O4: Electronic Marketing Systems for Wine & Wine Tourism: Best Practices and Development Prospects

Ομάδες N' κύκλου
N1: Sustainability of and return on investments in lifelong e-learning programs in Greece
N2: Unified Communications
N3: FTTx (Fiber to the Home – Fiber to the Building)

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