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All information included in the National Network for Research and Technology website, hereafter called GRNET is made available to visitors for personal use and may change without previous notice.

The use and reproduction of information in whole or in part is allowed, provided that the reproduced product is freely available through the Internet and clear reference is made to the source. Any other use shall require the written authorization of the owner or holder of copyright.

The GRNET site may include information obtained from numerous sources, inside or outside the GRNET. The content of such information must promote research and be in line with written rules and common practice governing Internet use, public security and commercial practice.

The GRNET does not have control over, coordinate nor provide any guarantees on information provided through servers of visual, audio and sound content upon request or through links to other sites. Moreover, the GRNET shall not be directly or indirectly held liable for any damage or losses suffered due to the content of information provided through the site or made available on teleconference servers, and audiovisual flow supported by GRNET and its bodies.

GRNET shall not be held liable for personal data appearing on WWW sites through directories and the browser.

In particular, the work produced by the groups shall remain a property of the e-business forum programme and may be used by any person wishing to use the results, provided that this person has previously notified the e-business forum group and makes reference of the e-business forum as a source.
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