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The Ebusinessforum (www.ebusinessforum.gr) is a permanent consultation mechanism between the State, the business sector and the academic community, aiming at establishing useful measures for promoting electronic business in Greece. Executives from all business sectors participate at the Forum, together with experts from Universities and Research Institutions, the Public Sector as well as representatives of social partners and consumers. In the 48, until today, working groups that have operated since November 2000, electronic business has been approached through various points of view: institutional, technical, business, economic, social and political. More than 1.500 experts have participated in these groups, while numerous events have taken place in Athens, Thessaloniki, Herakleion, Patras, Chania, Corinthos, Chalkida, Mytilini and Hios aiming to bring into the light special issues concerning the digital economy and to sensitize businesses and citizens - consumers.
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middle_section_box_07 The fields of intervention of the working groups are selected by the Coordinating Committee of the forum, consisting of experts fromeEuropeGoDigital business representative bodies, important Greek universities and the Public Sector. The Ebusinessforum was awarded by the European Commission - in the framework of the procedure of comparative evaluation of national and regional policies for the promotion of electronic business in Europe - as one of the five best practices in the category "of framework policies for the promotion of electronic business". The Ebusinessforum  was selected among 200 policy projects from all countries of the European Union.

In the framework of the Ebusinessforum, 4 permanent annual surveys are performed,  creating data for the penetration of information and communication technologies in Greece:

  • A research on the use of Computers, Internet and Mobile Telephony in the Greek Population. Research in a sample of 3,000 households
  • A research on the use of new Information and Communication Technologies in Small-Medium Enterprises - Research in a sample of 1,800 businesses
  • A recording of tendencies in the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the 1,000 largest Greek enterprises.
  • A recording of research activities in Higher Education Institutions (HEI), Technological Education Institutions (TEI) and research laboratories of the country, which relate to electronic business.
According to the results of the Research for the Technology and the Information Society, the use of PC and of the Internet in Greece,  did not present augmentative tendency in 2005, while, on the contrary, the possession and the use of mobile telephone were increased in the total of the population. More concretely, 27,3% (34,3% in ages 15-65) of the Greek population make use of the PC, while 19,5% (24,6% in ages 15-65) of the population utilized the Internet. In all the above percentages, it is observed a general stagnation in the 3 last years. On the contrary, the possession and use of mobile telephone touched upon the 73,1% of Greek population, continuing its ascendant course (69,4% in 2004 and 64,7% in 2003). The analysis of the use of PC and the internet per sex, age-related category, urban residence and educative level, shows that the presentation of new technologies appears much bigger in smaller ages of (15-34 years), in the urban centres, in the population with superior and maximum education and much bigger for men than for women. The electronic correspondence continues to consititute the main reason of use of the Internet (21,2%) and follows the search of information (17,6%) and information briefing in general (15,2%). The 20% of the Internet users have performed at least one purchase via the Internet, while a suspensive factor for economic network transactions constitutes the sense of lack of safety in the transactions.

The forum has carried out specific proposals to the State for measures and has significantly contributed to the planning and evaluation of actions. The programmes "E-business", "Networking", "ΜΕ.ΤΕ.ΧΩ." have been designed based upon the results of working groups of the e-business forum. Furthermore, a series of  consultations with the social bodies have taken place. Until today, 20 practical guides toGoonline businesses and consumers, codes of conduct and ethics as well as information leaflets have been produced and handed out to the 77 information technology and economics departments of all Greek Universities, the 25 Greek academic libraries, the 70 municipal libraries, the 112 commercial unions, the 77 chambers of commerce, the 28 General Secretaries of all Ministries, the 16 special secretaries of all Ministries, journalists and sectoral journals etc.

All group deliverables are presented in the Website of the forum with the following address www.ebusinessforum.gr.

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