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Sectoral e-Business Watch study reports on ICT and e-business use

Αναννεώθηκε: 10/11/2008

The Sectoral e-Business Watch (SeBW) <http://sebw.cmail5.com/l/572799/4t6t1ljr4/y> has released a series of eleven study reports about ICT and e-business use and impact. Six studies focus on specific sectors: chemicals, steel, furniture, retail, transport & logistics services and banking. The other studies analyse specific ICT topics: RFID adoption, intellectual property protection in ICT firms, ICT and energy use, ICT impact and e-health standards. The studies are based on surveys with more than 5,300 interviews, econometric analyses, case studies and expert interviews.

All study results are summarised in the European e-Business Report 2008 <http://sebw.cmail5.com/l/572799/4t6t1ljr4/6> , which has also been released. The report presents a range of evidence about ICT impacts. While micro-data evidence clearly underlines the strategic importance of e-business for individual companies, macro-economic analyses at industry level find only moderate direct effects of ICT capital on productivity and industry growth. The report concludes that more refined political responses may be needed with regard to supporting digital value systems development, e-standards adoption and e-skills development.

More about the SeBW: http://sebw.cmail5.com/l/572799/4t6t1ljr4/4.

All study reports and the European e-Business Report 2008 can be downloaded from the Sectoral e-Business Watch website:

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