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orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf Information Technology, Organizational Transformation and Business Performance [250 Kb]
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 523
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf Investing in Information Technology: Productivity Payoffs [67 Kb]
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 493
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf Competition Policy in the Information Economy [68 Kb]
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 584
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf Economics of Information Technology [355 Kb]
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 580
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf The Internet and the New Economy [521 Kb]
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 636
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf The New Economy New challenges for the statistical system, by Olof Gardin [164 Kb]
The term "new economy" has been used extensively in recent years to describe the workings of the US economy and in particular the part of its economy that is linked to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The new economy is however not well defined and there is also a doubt that a new economy exists at all.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 632
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf Defining Industries in the New Economy, by Peter Struijs [140 Kb]
European business statistics are based on various types of statistical units, such as enterprises and kind-of-activity units (KAUs), which are classified according to the industrial classification of the EU, NACE Rev.1. For the industries that result, statistics report on a number of variables. The central question of this paper is whether these industries, based on definitions originating from the early 1990s, are adequate for business statistics of the New Economy.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 617
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf The 'New Economy' and Information Technology Policy [118 Kb]
The growth of the information technology sector (IT) in the 1980s was an important development for the economy, but it spurred relatively little policy or media interest. True, IT was recognized as a driver of comparative advantage for the US and there were a few initiatives involving industrial policy and military preparedness, IT was of interest primarily to specialists. In the 1990’s, however, things changed dramatically when the Internet became a topic of intense public discussion.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 748
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf How Do People Evaluate a Web Site's Credibility? [1245 Kb]
In this study, 2,684 people evaluated the credibility of two live Web sites on a similar topic (such as health or news). We gathered the comments people wrote about each site’s credibility and analyzed the comments to find out what features of a Web site get noticed when people evaluate credibility.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 547
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf Double Click 2003 Consumer Email Study [352 Kb]
The fourth of DoubleClick’s annual consumer email studies points to an increasing sophistication in consumer usage of email functionality and a corresponding complexity of purchasing behavior. The spam crisis continues to affect consumer behavior online but does not necessarily cloud consumer receptiveness to legitimate marketers: an overwhelming majority of online consumers receive offers by email and have made a purchase online or offline as a result.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 753
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf When Good Brands Do Bad [559 Kb]
This paper reports results from a longitudinal field experiment examining the evolution of relationships between consumers and an on-line photography brand in response to brand personality and transgression manipulations. Development patterns differed significantly for the two personalities, whereby relationships with sincere brands deepened over time in line with friendship templates, and relationships with exciting brands evinced a trajectory characteristic of short-lived flings.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 2453
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf How to manage rapid growth? [157 Kb]
This report is a part of the course TU-91.167 Seminar in Strategy and International Business in the Helsinki University of Technology. Its aim is to identify and analyze the most important challenges that occur in companies that grow too fast, after this, some suggestions to prevent and solve the side effects of rapid-growth are given in this report.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 4771
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf B2C eCommerce Strategy and Market Structure: The Survey Based Approach [264 Kb]
This paper follows two objectives: (i) It demonstrates the merits of the survey based approach to B2C eCommerce characteristics and company strategy, and (ii) it presents empirical evidence of the crucial importance of size and marketing investment in B2C eCommerce markets.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 675
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf Building the Adaptive Enterprise, by INSEAD [48 Kb]
Ορατότητα και ευελιξία σε μια παγκοσμοιοποιημένη βιομηχανία
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 698
orangearrow [21/08/2006]
pdf An economic map of the Internet, by Shawn O'Donnell MIT Program on Internet & Telecoms Convergence [217 Kb]
Η μελέτη αυτή παρουσιάζει την οικονομική δομή του Διαδικτύου, και τις χρηματοοικονομικές ροές από τον τελικό χρήστη έως τους παροχείς πρόσβασης στο Διαδίκτυο.
Αριθμός εμφανίσεων: 611
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